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The density of gold is 19.3 tonnes per cubic meter. That makes it 70% denser than lead.


  1. One “cup of gold” weighs almost 5kg (nearly 20 times as much as one cup of water).All the gold ever mined in human history to 2007 is about 150,000 tonnes. This has a volume of 7,770 cubic meters — which is a cube a bit less than 20 meters on each side, or a soccer field covered to a depth of a bit over 1 meter.
  2. Gold melts at 1064oC.
  3. Gold is the most malleable and ductile of metals. One gram can be beaten into a sheet about 1m square.

The cheapest gold is not always the best value. It may be cheap for a good reason. Big deposits of gold are not so valuable if they are, for example: 2km underground; a refractory type mineralisation; 0.3g per ton, and 1000km from the nearest plant. Sometimes though, it’s cheap because the market hasn’t noticed it, or is ignoring the value of the underground gold.

How pure is your gold investment?

The ASX gold sector is very diverse, only about a third of all the stocks are purely a gold or silver play. Another third are working with a mix of commodities where gold is dominant, and in the last third, gold is not the dominant commodity among the mix. So it’s more common than not for a gold stock to be exposed to other metal prices.

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