Aluminum Prices

RUSAL (PA:RUSAL) Earnings Plummet on FOREX Costs

Earnings for RUSAL (PA:RUSAL) dropped 55 percent on foreign exchange losses during the latest quarter. Net profit for the quarter ending September 30 was $29 million, down from the $64 million in earnings last year in the same quarter. Taking away the foreign exchange costs, net profit for the quarter would have come in at $419 million, according to RUSAL. Expenses in the quarter increased to

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Hecla (NYSE:HL), Coeur d’Alene (NYSE:CDE), Compania de Minas (NYSE:BVN) Rise on Fed’s QE2

Hecla (NYSE:HL), Coeur d’Alene (NYSE:CDE), Compania de Minas (NYSE:BVN) all surged Thursday on the actions of the Federal Reserve which will inflate the economy, driving up the broader commodity market, along with individual companies within each sector, including silver miners.The majority commodity prices rose, including silver, which rose to over $26 an ounce. Gold prices rose to all-time

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