Bob Dudley

Russia’s Rosneft Acquires 5 Percent Stake in BP (NYSE:BP)

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More news is coming out concerning the deal between BP (NYSE:BP) and the largest oil company in Russia: Rosneft. The latest is the Russian oil giant has taken a 5 percent stake in BP common shares in exchange for approximately 9.5 percent of Rosneft. BP and Russia have had a cooperation agreement in place since 2006, but this is the real first action that has been taken since then by the two

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BP (NYSE:BP) Must Wait for Devon (NYSE:DVN) Oil Block Decision from Brazil

The state oil director of Brazil, ANP, told BP (NYSE:BP) they’ll have to wait until 2011 before they decide on whether or not to allow them to go ahead with a proposed acquisition of offshore oil blocks from Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN). ANP said they want to get more clarity on the plans of BP for the oil blocks before they make the decision. Also of concern was a requirement for more information

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