Brazil Mining

Eldorado Gold (TSE:ELD) Acquiring Brazauro Resources (TSEV:BZO)

Eldorado Gold (TSE:ELD) announced today it will acquire Brazauro Resources (TSEV:BZO) for about $122.4 million, in a straight stock sharing deal.The major property Eldorado is getting in the deal is the Tocantinzinho Project in Tapajos, Brazil, which they will get full control over.Other exploration projects involved are Agua Branca and Piranhas, which are nearby the Tocantinzinho Project.At this

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Yamana Gold’s (NYSE:AUY) Success in Brazil

Yamana Gold and BrazilYamana Gold (NYSE:AUY) has a solid base in Brazil, and in fact solidified and built the company around that base to the strong stock it is today.Many people consider Brazil and other South American countries difficult places to do business, but that’s mostly because of the over-emphasis on some trouble spots which are unique to themselves, and not how it is across most of

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