Castlemaine Goldfields

Lihir Gold (TSE:LGG) Sells Ballarat Mine

Lihir Gold (TSE:LGG) (Nasdaq:LIHR) announced it has completed the sale of its Ballarat mine to Castlemaine Goldfields Ltd. In March Lihir let it be known they were going to close the mine and reached a deal with Castlemaine to sell them the mine for $4.5 million in cash and another 2.5 percent royalty interest in the mine up to $50 million in future production. Castlemaine has stated in the

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Lihir Gold (NASDAQ:LIHR) Sells Ballarat Project

Lihir Gold Sells Ballarat ProjectLihir Gold (ASE:LGL) has sold its Ballarat project to Castlemaine Goldfields (ASE:CGT) for A$4.5 million. Based in Victoria, Australia, the Ballarat Gold Mine sale will be subject to meeting certain conditions; a major part being the issuing of stock to raise A$20 million. Terms of the deal, along with the sales price, includes Castlemaine keeping a 2.5 percent

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