The Definitive Guide to Russian Gold Stocks

Built on a foundation of an estimated $200 trillion in hard assets… It’s one of the largest and most profitable industry markets in the world. And — if you’re willing to invest a bit outside of North America — there may be some very interesting investment opportunities in Russia’s massive metals and mining industry. In just a minute, I’ll tell you about several of these opportunities; I want to first give you the details of Russia’s gigantic mining sector and resource base. Advertisement The FREE $45,000 report that could make you rich…  In 1991, a history-changing report surfaced in the oil industry. The details are too numerous to list right here, but this report — dubbed a best seller by The New York Times — helped uncover an incredible source of oil no one had considered for years. Click here for free access to all the information you need to start banking 180 times your investment. Russia’s $200 trillion natural resource base Russia is exceedingly wealthy in natural energy resources. The country is home to the world’s largest natural gas reserves and eighth-largest crude oil reserves. These resources have enabled Russia to become the world’s largest producer of both oil and natural gas, accounting for about 20% of total global production. Russia also hosts the world’s second-largest reserves of black coal; the country is the third-largest coal exporter contributing around 11% to the global coal trade. The country recently inked a $6 billion deal with China to supply 475 million tonnes of black coal over the next 25 years. Additionally found in Russia are vast reserves of raw industrial materials and non-fuel minerals. This extensive mineral resource base is the foundation for the Russia’s massive metals and mining industry, which is a vital supplier to other…

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Kinross Gold (TSE:K) Invests Red Back (TSE:RBI)

Kinross Gold (TSE:K) has acquired 24 million shares of Red Back (TSE:RBI) in a private placement, an overall investment of $588 million. Kinross paid a slight premium for the shares, acquiring them at C$25 a share, a little above the C$24.46 close on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Recent acquisitions by Kinross include the Dvoinoye project in Russia, for which they paid $368 million, and gold

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