Euro Pacific Capital

Inflation Follows the Stimulus Boom

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital notes that the Federal Reserve, and the idiots like Paul Krugman who genuflect at the altar of Keynes, is not done with destroying the economy, but that “Bernanke and his supporters have said that their stimulus will be withdrawn as soon as the recovery takes hold in earnest.” Hahaha! Inflation Follows the Stimulus Boom originally appeared in the Daily Reckoning . The Daily Reckoning, offers a uniquely refreshing, perspective on the global economy, investing, gold, stocks and today’s markets. Its been called “the most entertaining read of the day.”

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How Peter Schiff is Investing in Gold

In a recent interview, Peter Schiff revealed how he has been investing in gold, along with some tips on what to avoid. First of all, through his brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital, he has been investing in physical gold for himself and his clients and storing it in Australia. Concerning physical gold, Schiff recommends staying away from collectible gold like you see advertised on television a

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