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Ford (NYSE:F) Loses Sales Tax Appeal from Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court ruled against Ford Motor (NYSE:F) concerning being able to recoup sales taxes paid in Michigan, which amounted to $16 million. At stake was why Ford would have to pay taxes on vehicles acquired by people which they later stopped making payments on. A Michigan state law forces Ford to pay sales tax up front, evidently just for situations like these, which gives them no

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Tenneco (NYSE:TEN), Dana Holding (NYSE:DAN), Lear (NYSE:LEA), ArvinMeritor (NYSE:ARM) Among Barclays’ Auto Favorites,

Even after a strong 2010 Barclays (NYSE:BCS) says they believe the auto sector could have more room to grow, including their favorites Tenneco (NYSE:TEN), Dana Holding (NYSE:DAN), Lear (NYSE:LEA) and ArvinMeritor (NYSE:ARM), as well as Ford (NYSE:F) and GM (NYSE:GM). Barclays said, “Even after strong 4Q10 and YTD 2011 performance auto stocks may have room for further strength. Based on our

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Ford (NYSE:F) Catching Up with Electric Vehicle Market? Who Cares?

This misguided fixation on the electric car market by automakers, now including Ford (NYSE:F), needs to be laid aside, as it continues to be years away from becoming a reality, and they need to focus on what will drive profits now, not some time in a long away future. What’s different in the case of electric cars is they still remain a theory and not a reality, and this is different than

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