Gold Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff Says Price of Gold Unlimited

In a recent interview which focused on being in the early stages of an inflationary depression, Peter Schiff also responded to a question on how high he felt gold prices were going to go.His take is he’s shocked that it’s still at only $1,200 an ounce, and sees no limit to the upside potential in the current economic climate.Schiff said in responding to how high he felt gold would go: “There’s no

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Gold Soars for 8th Straight Day, Payrolls Down, Recession Worries Up

News outlets reporting on the “disappointing” and “unexpected” results of the U.S. payroll data, somehow find themselves using those words every time the economic data confirms the frailty of the U.S. economy, which when you remove the government props, at best show they’ve only slowed down the economic crisis, and at worst, and most probable, exasperated it. Now we’re almost surely going to

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How Peter Schiff is Investing in Gold

In a recent interview, Peter Schiff revealed how he has been investing in gold, along with some tips on what to avoid. First of all, through his brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital, he has been investing in physical gold for himself and his clients and storing it in Australia. Concerning physical gold, Schiff recommends staying away from collectible gold like you see advertised on television a

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