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Amarillo Gold (TSX.V:AGC), Goldgroup (TSX:GGA) (OTC:GGAZF) Otis Gold (OTC:OGLDF) All Undervalued Junior Gold Miners

In an interview with ‘The Gold Report,’ the author of The Mercenary Geologist newsletter, Mickey Fulp, said he considers most junior miners overvalued, but some like Amarillo Gold Corp. (TSX.V:AGC), Goldgroup Mining Inc. (TSX:GGA)(OTC:GGAZF.PK) Otis Gold Corp. (TSX:OOO) (OTCBB:OGLDF) remain undervalued. He likes Amarillo Gold because two of its projects have over 1.5 million ounces of “43-101

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Thriving with Gold and Juniors in the Greater Depression

The Gold Report: Doug, at a recent conference you said that the U.S. ought to default on its national debt now. Why that rather than letting it play out? Doug Casey: Several other things almost equally radical should be done besides defaulting on the debt. I recognize that an outright default is most unlikely, but the national debt should be defaulted on for several reasons. To start with, once the U.S. government defaults on its debt, people will think twice before lending it any more money; giving politicians the ability to borrow is like giving a teenager a bottle of whisky and the keys to a Corvette. A second reason is that the debt is an albatross around the necks of the next several generations; it’s criminal to make indentured servants out of people who aren’t even born yet. A third reason would be to overtly punish those who have been lending money to the government, enabling it to do all the stupid and destructive things that the government does with that money. The debt will be defaulted on one way or another. The trouble is they’re almost certainly going to default on it through inflation, by destroying the currency, which is much worse than defaulting on it overtly. That’s because inflation will wipe out the relatively few people who are prudent in this country, those who are actually saving money. Because they generally save in the form of dollars, they’re going to wipe them out financially. It’s just horrible. Runaway inflation will reward the profligates who are in debt—people who’ve been living above their means. And punish the producers who’ve been saving and trying to build capital. That’s in addition to the fact it will destroy millions of productive enterprises. A runaway inflation is the worst thing that can happen to a society, short of a major war. They just should default on it honestly, as it were. TGR: But your belief is we’ll try to inflate our way out of it to pay for it. DC: Don’t say “we.” Say the U.S. government. I don’t consider myself part of the problem. Americans have to…

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Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS) Weaknesses Exposed

Gammon Gold in for a couple of tough yearsWhen you consider we’re in one of the most significant bull markets in history, the performance of Gammon Gold (NYSE: GRS), say, over the last five years, reveals an enormous amount of weaknesses in the company, and none of them bode well for them going forward.The primary short-term problem has been the results of its drilling, which caused estimated

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Louis Paquette: The Seasonality of Gold Has Broken Down

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The Gold Report has again interviewed newsletter writer and commentator Lou Paquette, who launched the Emerging Growth Stocks website in 1995 to provide investors and speculators with a unique alternative to what he saw was a growing problem with co Louis Paquette: The Seasonality of Gold Has Broken Down

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China Downplaying Interest in Gold

As many following China and its acquisition of gold have noted, it has shown they are nervous about their holdings of U.S. Treasury’s, and China is now attempting to spin they’re not as interested in gold as they were before, seeming to attempt to shore up their interest in U.S. Treasury’s, even though they are a very poor investment at this time, and will be long into the future.More than likely

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Eldorado Gold (NYSE:EGO) 42 Percent Increase Gold Reserves

Eldorado Gold Eastern Dragon ProjectIn case you didn’t catch the recent news concerning Eldorado Gold (NYSE:EGO), they reported a huge 42 percent increase in proven and probable gold reserves, equal to 747,000 ounces, at its Eastern Dragon Project in China. With that data in hand, the mining company has increased it drilling budget by $2.4 million to get a better idea of what they have and to

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Internet Gold Reports Record Financial Results for Q4 2009

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PETAH TIKVA, Israel—-Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd., today reported its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2009. Internet Gold Reports Record Financial Results for Q4 2009

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