Gold Reserve Currency

Gold as Currency and Safe Haven

One of the more positive results of the economic crisis we face is abn increasing number of people are better understanding the overall scheme of economics, currencies, the central banks, and gold. Gold prices today have risen to just under record levels, and that alone is good news, not just for gains made by investors, but because it reveals people in general are starting to see that

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Gold Going Up on Greek Concerns

Gold dipped earlier in the session but has rebounded to level off around $1,160 an ounce. Even though Greece and other members of the EU made it look like the loans promised the country were only as a last resort, and reiterated they may not be needed, already Greece is saying there’s a good possibility they’ll have to apply for the loans, making investors jittery over the implications of the

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Gold Fighting for Reserve Currency Status

Gold being looked to as Reserve Currency! There has been a lot of confusion form people commenting on reading stories about gold, as one day a headline will read gold goes up on Greek concerns, and the next day the same headline will be applied to the U.S. dollar. The reason this is happening and there are paradoxical movements between gold and the U.S. dollar, and the two are the only two

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