Gold Storage

JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) Opens Gold Storage Facility in Singapore

JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) has now opened its gold storage facility in Singapore, which will also store other metals as well. Tim Wilson, JPMorgan’s head of Asia marketing of global commodities said, “We’ve seen increasing appetite from investors and clients to diversify the location of their gold holdings and our vault facility provides an alternative site to places such as London, New York and Zurich

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China Downplaying Interest in Gold

As many following China and its acquisition of gold have noted, it has shown they are nervous about their holdings of U.S. Treasury’s, and China is now attempting to spin they’re not as interested in gold as they were before, seeming to attempt to shore up their interest in U.S. Treasury’s, even though they are a very poor investment at this time, and will be long into the future.More than likely

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Gold Storage: Where To Store Your Gold Bullion | Learn Gold Coins

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Learn where you can store your gold bullion in this free gold storage tutorial. … This form of gold storage is much preferred to the stocks where you’re never quite sure if the physical gold is there to back up the paper. These different ways to handle gold storage give gold investors choices as to how they choose to store their gold and the access level they wish to have for their gold coins and bars. Related posts: Tips for Storing Gold: How to Store Your Gold …

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