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Gold has taken a hit but is it really bad

Okay, in short it seems bad, price falling from $1,420 to $1,368s as we write and earlier today it tumbled to $1,358s from where it recovered but is it really a big drop? We’d answer that shortly but what is interesting is that how quickly the sentiment is changing regarding Gold. When prices fell from the previous peak or the peak before [$1,430 and $1,420] the sentiment stayed firmly in place whereas the drop from $1,420 peak in early November was a rather sharp one and Gold price retreated almost $100 yet the sentiment stayed firmly bullish which is not the case this time. We yesterday raised a cautionary flag on Gold and stated that if the short term support of $1,363 is given away the probability of gold trading down to $1,300-20 per ounce cannot be ruled out. We stand by it even now and in terms of percentage drop it comes at 8.7% which is in line with the previous corrective spells. As we have written before and most notably have made a part of our recommendation that it is better to own gold in non U.S Dollar terms, now that gold is correction we believe it makes even more sense. As Dollar is strengthening and gold is getting weaker so that’s a double impact whereas with Euro started to weaken before gold did thus it acts as a hedge and the drop thus far rather Gold has pushed ahead in euro terms. Recently commodities have showed the tendency to overcome inverse correlation with the Green back and move upwards as green back strengthened but that is not always the case and it is very much evident right now. At current price Gold is at a pivot region, a slight lean to the downside would be enough for the gravity to get hold of gold and sink it lower. Corrections are good and drop

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Adam’s 5 Big Market Predictions for 2011

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It’s that time of year again when everyone who is considered an “expert” comes out of their ivory towers and makes their annual market predictions for the new year. It’s time to kiss those predictions goodbye. I can honestly say that I wish I had a crystal ball like these other forecasters, but that’s not

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Gold Alert!

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Short-term traders exit long position on a RED Daily “Trade Triangle” @ $1,382.62 today and remain neutral  for now.  This short-term trade produced a profit of  just over $34 dollars an ounce. Intermediate and long-term traders hold  long positions. If you are not yet a member of MarketClub see what you are missing with our 

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Taking The Golden Route « Wall Street Stocks | New York Stock …

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The gold trading sector has now assumed the form of an organized market sector, thus making it easier for the individual buyer to get involved. Different types of gold coins can be sought for financial purposes. There are gold bullion …

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Weekly Gold Report

Volatility Reigns…. Week High….$1218.80 ……7/13 Week Low…..$1185.80……7/16 This week’s Gold market covered a very volatile $33.00 range as the summer dull-drums expose the lack of confidence from investors globally. This week has found Gold trading in a very technical range as lack of buying momentum has forced the bulls to take profits as the high price of Gold has cooled demand for physical Gold. There is still an insatiable demand for Gold world-wide but with the economic uncertainty savvier investors are looking for a price dip before re-entering the market. The gold market is waiting for some fundamental news to help guide traders seeking direction. The Jewelers of Indian will be looking to re-stock for Their upcoming Wedding and Festival season beginning in September. The jewelers of India have been very quite since May and the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya which is probably the most auspicious Hindu Holiday for the giving of Gold as gifts. The higher prices have pushed India’s investors into Gold ETF’s…..(up 76% in June) However since India is the world’s largest consumer of Gold I expect the jewelers of India will buy Gold for the upcoming season’s no matter the price. Obviously they are side-lined hoping for a price dip…. There has been a lot of noteworthy headlines this week…including 29,000 more Americans found jobs… The following are several more news worthy comments… Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke while delivering a speech was quoted as saying ” Small businesses are central to creating jobs in our economy” adding “they employ roughly one – half of all Americans and account for about 60% of gross job creation “…….. He then stated ” we have also been focused on strengthening the nation’s banks, so that they can resume normal lending as quickly as possible “… Creating jobs and helping small business is the road to economic recovery in my opinion…. It has certainly become evident that many investors

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Understanding The Importance of Gold Weights : Wall Street Stocks …

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Bullion spot trading is a form of gold trading where the physical gold bars actually changes hands in a transaction. The standard gold bar which is used for this is the London Good Delivery gold bullion bar. This gold bar weighs 400 …

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The Glimmer Of Gold

So far this week there is an enormous amount of news that could significantly impact the precious metals markets especially Gold. Thankfully there seems to be a bit more stability in the European Union however, the mounting Geo-political tensions and economic data revealed this week has got Gold traders nervous in anticipation. The tension between North and South Korea is threatening to become more than words as North Korea severed all ties with Seoul South Korea…. South Korea has formally accused North Korea of sinking on its Naval Ships in March and resulting in the loss of 46 lives ….The South Korean people are demanding United Nations Security Council to enact justice. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il’s reported that “His troops are combat ready”…. This situation is a powder keg… Usually warring environments send investors to “Safer Haven” markets…primarily Gold. The Middle-east is also experiencing Geo-political conflict as it was reported that Iran and Kurdish troops are clashing along the border…it had been reported that Iranian troops traveled 5 kilo meters inside the Iraqi border. Later…the the Iraqi Kurdish government admitted there was “activity” on the border but denied that Iranians traveled within the Iraqi border. Also reports have confirmed the tensions between Israel and the Palestinians is also at a fever pitch…. Middle -east conflicts especially in Oil producing states also tend to help the price of gold. It was also reported that Iran’s Central Bank will sell 45 Billion Euro’s from its reserves to buy U.S Dollars and gold ingots according to state -owned Press TV. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) reported it had sold 14.4 tons of gold in the open market in April leaving them with 152.8 tons for sale. The physical demand for Gold is still very high. The U. S mint reported record sales last month citing huge demand for 1 ounce Gold coins. Initial Jobless Claims: The number of U.S Workers seeking jobless benefits fell to 453,000 this was a decrease of 10,000 (10,000 more Americans receiving a paycheck) General Motors : TOTAL sales were up 16.6% versus one year ago Thursday’s mid-session we learned that Kansas City FED Boss Thomas M Hoeing stated” the economic recovery Is stronger than expected” and the process of job creation Is taking hold” reported “inflation will rise during the recovery” and added” this is the first step to normal policy which is raising rates”….he hinted rates could be raised by the end of summer this news along with strong resistance over the $1225.00 – 1227.00 levels sent spiraling downward. Anytime you mention rate hikes and the FOMC the “Gold “Bulls” tend to take profits We are experiencing global turmoil and expect the volatility and extreme choppiness to continue feel free to email with Gold trading questions. Mike Daly / Gold Specialist PFG BEST 877-294-4669 312-563-8029 312-775-3014 *THERE IS EXTREME RISK TRADING FUTURES, OPTIONS, and FOREX*

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Gold & Commodities Trading Made Easy Tips & Tools: Why Gold …

Gold Trading and Commodities are a must when uncertainties prevail – inflation as well as deflation. Tips and Tools that will make Gold Bullion Trading, Option Trading and Spot Gold so easy. Commodity trading, if correctly handled, … Welcome to a my Gold & Commodities Futures Made Easy Tips & Tools Blog. Gold & Commodities Futures Made Easy Tips & Tools Blog. With stock markets in a downward spin, gold has emerged as one of the safest and most profitable investments. …

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Intoxicating Lesson Dealing with Bull

FOREX, trading foreign currency FOREX trading is all about trading foreign currency, stocks , and… Physical Gold Trading: What You Need To Know Physical Gold Bullion Trading See gold bullion trade. When. …

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Comprehending And Tracing The Tendencies in Gold Futures | Forex …

though there are some substantial profits to be earned in short term gold trading, the real potential profit lies in long term gold investment strategies such as gold bullion , gold coins, and gold investment certificates. There are more popular gold investment options like gold mining shares and exploration, and even stock options for the just popular gold scrap purchasing companies that are using the buy low and sell high system. Even if you’re not trying to find asset …

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Gold Trading in London Falls as Silver Gains, LBMA Report Shows

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April 19 — Gold trading in London declined for a fourth consecutive month in March while silver transactions climbed, according to the London Bullion Market Association. Gold Trading in London Falls as Silver Gains, LBMA Report Shows

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Flight from Gold after Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) News

Gold traders dump the yellow metal on Goldman Sachs fraud chargesIn an illogical move, traders fled gold after the news that Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) was charged with fraud by securities regulators.The idea that gold is considered a risk in volatile times doesn’t make sense, but then traders behave in that manner, although gold investors don’t. Gold futures plunged on the news, dropping by over

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