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Weekend: Eye of the Tiger

Welcome to the Wealth Daily Weekend Edition— our insights from the week in investing and links to our most-read Wealth Daily and sister publication articles. While America stumbles and bumbles through the long, dark night… A young upstart is about to knock Uncle Sam and the rest of the Western world right down the creaky old steps. Whether you realize it or not, China is in it to win it, and she’s taking no prisoners. If you doubt that, take a look at this article that appeared earlier this week in The New York Times . Entitled “To Conquer Wind Power, China Writes the Rules,” it details how China plays the role of puppet master in working to corner the production of another market— this time in wind power. Advertisement Radical technology promises to break Big Pharma profit records One small American company’s “cell-shock” technology will soon be the global Gold Standard for the treatment and prevention of all the major cancers, influenza, malaria, HIV, and more… It’s expected to save millions of lives — and bring over 10,000% returns to investors of this medical miracle. Click here to earn 1,000 times your money… China flexes her muscles Acting the part of the 800 pound gorilla, the Chinese have now grabbed more than 85 percent of the wind turbine market, aided by rules that stack the deck prohibitively in Beijing’s favor. From requiring at least 70% of the equipment in their wind farms be domestically produced to low-interest loans and cheap land from the government, Beijing is a Chinese working man’s best friend. You see in China, they actually base every decision around what we have been so slow to see. They realize it’s about keeping the masses employed and working to use every single advantage they can to keep the wheels turning. And if that involves bending the rules in their favor, so be it. China, in other words, is all about China— today, tomorrow, and for the next 500 hundred years. Our time horizon, meanwhile, extends only as far as the next election or earnings release. It’s bloody pathetic. That long-range outlook — so ingrained in the way the Chinese look at world — was on full display when I hit the money quote at the end of the article. Drawn from a gathering of hundreds of big executives from around the world, it involves the mindset of Li Junfeng, overseer of the Chinese renewable energy industry: “ You cannot be called a winner if you are the leader for three or five years,” Mr. Li told the Chinese executives. “You can only stand on the top line if you are the leader for 100 or 200 years.” The Chinese presidents sat quietly and respectfully, chins down. Senior executives from the foreign manufacturers — including Vestas, G.E. and Gamesa — sat alongside them, staring straight ahead in stony silence.” Maybe they realized they’d stepped into the ring with Clubber Lang, and he wasn’t going to be happy until all of them hit the mat… It is simply war by other means ; the wind turbine industry is just one of the many ways we are fighting a losing battle. Another battle we’re struggling to keep up with is rare earth elements, also known as REEs. With obscure names like neodymium, europium, or praseodymium , these all important metals are used in a wide range of applications: high-tech and defense products, car engines, and clean energy. In fact, these industries cannot function without them. The problem is the Chinese have a stranglehold on them— controlling 95 percent …

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Sirius (Nasdaq:SIRI) Lands Howard Stern for Another 5 Years

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Shareholders of Sirius XM (Nasdaq:SIRI) are surely sighing with relief at the news Howard Stern has signed on with the satellite radio company for another five years. Details of the contract weren’t revealed by Stern weren’t revealed, but he did say it offered him more flexibility, suggesting it may be less than the prior contract, but that’s supposition at this time. Stern said, “The contract

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