Intrepid Potash

Potash Corp (NYSE:POT), CF Industries (NYSE:CF), Mosaic (NYSE:MOS), Intrepid Potash (NYSE:IPI), Agrium (NYSE:AGU) in 2010

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The fertilizer sector was among one of the hottest in 2010, largely on the increased price of corn, although other grains were helpful as well. Companies like Potash Corp (NYSE:POT), CF Industries (NYSE:CF), Mosaic (NYSE:MOS), Intrepid Potash (NYSE:IPI) and Agrium (NYSE:AGU) pushed up on expectations the higher margins would give farmers extra capital to acquire more fertilizers. Mosaic ended

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Sell Intrepid Potash (NYSE:IPI) Says Stifel Nicolaus

Stifel Nicolaus recommends investors to sell Intrepid Potash (NYSE:IPI), saying the company is overvalued at this time. Intrepid is trading at over 78x the EPS estimate of the company for 2010. That’s about 105 percent above the PE of its peers in the agriculture sector. They’re also about 62 percent over the average EV/EBITDA multiple for the Ag sector. Stifel maintains their “Sell” rating on

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