Portugal Sovereign Debt

Citigroup (NYSE:C) Sees Greek, Irish, Portuguese Bonds Continuing to Fall

As risks increase for the sovereign debt of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, Citigroup (NYSE:C) says they see bonds in the countries continuing to fall, as the crisis grows.Citigroup said, “Ireland, Portugal and Greece have underperformed significantly, but we do not think by anywhere near far enough yet. There’s a long way further to go if the situation deteriorates.”The yield on Irish bonds rose

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Gold Futures Explode Upward as Portugal’s Sovereign Debt Rating Slashed by Moody’s (NYSE:MC)

Moody’s (NYSE:MC) did some surgery on the sovereign debt rating of Portugal today, taking the scalpel to the country by cutting the rating by two notches, reminding people the sovereign debt crisis in Europe remains, and is a threat to the global economy. Investors flocked to gold for safety, and gold prices today have already risen by $18.30, to $1,215.40. Portugal’s government bonds were cut

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