China's Gold Rush

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They can purchase gold coins, bullion or individual stocks such as Randgold Resources ADR (Nasdaq: GOLD ). Or there are always ETFs such as two from Van Eck: Market Vectors Gold Miners (NYSE: GDX) and Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners …

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Market Wrap-Up for Dec.27 (AEM, GOLD, MA, V, HRB, more)

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We woke up on the East Coast to 20 inches plus of snow this morning. Couple that with a vacation week for many and the recipe for a roller-coaster day was in place. Volume finished about 40% lower than we have been seeing of late. The last week of the year is when I would like investors to really give their portfolio a thorough check-up to see if any weeds may have over-grown. If you use my down 25% rule to start giving serious consideration to trimming a position, you should not ever have to see big losses in your portfolio. It’s one thing if the market is down everywhere, but if that is not the case and you have a stock that is down over 25%, this is certainly a sign to pay attention to. It is not easy for investors to sell, but it is a discipline that one needs to have, even with dividend-paying stocks. I have been following many of the 2011 predictions that have been coming out from various pundits and they go from the ultra-bearish to the ultra-bullish. It is fun to read these predictions, but remember that they are only that. Some pundits will be pretty accurate and some will be well-off. Be sure to check out the video Tom and I did this past Thursday, where we chime in ourselves with what we can possibly expect to see as 2011 nears. I wanted to share with everyone that may not have heard of something called the “rule of 72″. This is great for dividend investors to know as they try and figure out how quickly your money can double. Basically take the annual percentage return – let’s say the stock’s price and dividend increases 12% combined in a year, you would divide 12 into 72. That means your investment in that particular stock would double in 6 years. If it returns 6% per year, it would take 12 years to double. Keep this in mind as you look to build long-term income and wealth. Looking at today’s market, we had traders looking for anything that was moving and “rare earth” stocks (MCP, REE) are continuing to attract their attention. Commodity plays have been a favorite for active investors, so long-term positions in the sector need to be evaluated carefully. Gold-mining plays continue to have me concerned. Looking at the stock price action in RandGold Resources ( GOLD ) and Agnico-Eagle Mines ( AEM ) has me worried that the crowded gold trade could be taking on water soon. …

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Newmont (NYSE:NEM), Gammon (NYSE:GRS), Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD) Move Up on Rising Gold Prices

Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM), Gammon Gold Inc. (NYSE:GRS), and Randgold Resources (Nasdaq:GOLD) are all trading up today as they move higher in unison with the broader gold market.Almost every gold miner is moving up today, although some like Ivanhoe Mines (NYSE:IVN) haven’t participated as greatly as others. Newmont has risen to $60.68, gaining $1.57, or 2.66 percent at 1:45PM EDT.

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Is Rangold (Nasdaq:GOLD) Valuation Too Pricey?

As Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD) continues on its torrid upward share price move, some analysts are starting to get nervous about the company being too pricey to buy at this time, as valuations are high.So far in 2010, Randgold has risen even faster than the exploding gold prices, adding to the concern investors may want to wait for them to pull back before putting more money into the company.In 2010

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ETF DAILY NEWS » How Are Those Gold Stocks Doing? (GDX, GOLD, EGO)

We highlighted two stocks in particular—Randgold Resources Ltd. (Nasdaq: GOLD ) and Eldorado Gold (NYSE:EGO)—as outperformers, not only skunking the S&P 500 Composite but also gaining more than bullion over the past four years. …

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Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD) Plunges on 39 Percent Increase in Costs

No matter how hard Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD) Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow tried to deflect attention away from the 39 percent increase in costs, he couldn’t do it, and the gold miner took a beating, even though other numbers were decent in their last quarter.The cost issue came from power outages at their Loulo mine in Mali. That resulted in the cost increases, and in dollars it came to $665

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Goldman (NYSE:GS) Downgrades Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD), AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU)

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) downgraded Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD) and AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU) today, both from “”Neutral” to “Sell.” The reasoning behind the downgrades are the shares already have priced into them the value of the increase in gold prices, so they don’t have a lot of room to grow. Goldman’s downgrade did have a negative impact on Randgold, as it dropped almost 1 percent to $93.30,

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Randgold Resources (Nasdaq:GOLD) Up on Bad Gold Day

Randgold Resources Ltd. (Nasdaq:GOLD) is going against the grain of gold price movement today, as it up at a time most gold miners are down, and as gold prices plummet with investors looking to get into equities in what they hope is a market rebound after last week. What’s a little surprising about Randgold is about $1.74 million was taken out of the company on Monday, giving the impression

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$5500 gold within five years?: Market Update 06-28-10| Leeb's …

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If you’ve been reading TCI, you know the easiest way to invest in gold bullion (GLD). Regarding gold stocks , we like large caps such as Barrick (ABX), Randgold (GOLD), and Newcrest (NCMGY), or a basket of miners like ASA Ltd (ASA). …

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AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU), Randgold (Nasdaq:GOLD), Gold Fields (NYSE:GFI), Harmony Gold (NYSE:HMY) Rise on Gold Prices

Like their American counterparts, gold ADRs like AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE:AU), Gold Fields (NYSE:GFI), Randgold Resources (Nasdaq:GOLD), and Harmony Gold Mining (NYSE:HMY) have performed strongly today, as gold recovers from its recent plunge and price and continues its upward climb.AngloGold continues with its nice recent run, as it was up $1.22, or 2.89 percent, as of 2:45 PM EDT, reaching

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Randgold (NASDAQ:GOLD) Near 52-Week High

Several gold mining stocks are closing in on 52-week highs, including the increasingly popular Randgold Resources (NASDAQ:GOLD).Randgold jumped to an early start today, climbing quickly by 2 percent, and it has pretty much held there all day.The gold miner continues to flirt with the $89 mark, going back and forth just under or over it.It seems the resistance is at about $91, and if the company

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Top 5 Precious Metals Funds – Mutual Fund Commentary

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Investors often seek solace in precious metals during a downturn. These investments are considered to be a natural hedge against a rapidly declining currency. Even a small portion of precious metals in a portfolio can provide significant protection against inflation. In addition, when markets are slowing down, securities related to these industries acquire greater significance. At such times they provide better returns than equity securities, even outperforming them. Precious metals funds are the best option for investing in this sector since they possess the advantages of professional insight and well-diversified portfolios. Below we will share with you 5 top rated precious metals funds. Each has earned a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) as we expect the fund to outperform its peers in the future. To view the Zacks Rank and past performance of all precious metals funds, then click here. Van Eck International Investors Gold A (INIVX) seeks growth of capital over the long term. The majority of its assets are invested in companies whose major operations primarily consist of activities related to gold. It also invests in financial instruments which are backed by gold and in gold coins and bullion. It is non-diversified and has a three year annualized return of 18.13%. This precious metals fund has a minimum initial investment of $1,000 and an expense ratio of 1.43% compared to a category average of 1.51%. US Global Investors World Precious Minerals (UNWPX) invests the majority of its assets in companies primarily involved with exploration, mining or processing of gold and other precious metals. It looks to invest in companies with economic linkages with at least three foreign countries. The precious metals fund has a ten year annualized return of 22.01%. Ralph P. Aldis is the fund manager and he has managed this precious metals fund since 2007. Franklin Gold & Precious Metals A (FKRCX) seeks capital appreciation by investing in gold and precious metals or companies involved in mining or processing of these metals worldwide. This precious metals fund returned 74.08% in the last one year period and has a five year annualized return of 27.78%. As of March 2010, this precious metals fund held 78 issues, with 6.30% of its total assets invested in Randgold Resources, Ltd. ADR. ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector (PMPSX) invests at least 80% of its assets in equity securities included in the Dow Jones Precious Metals index. It also purchases financial instruments which are similar to such securities. The precious metals fund returned 71.37% in the last one year period. The precious metals fund has an expense ratio of 2.61% compared to a category average of 1.51%. USAA Precious Metals and Minerals (USAGX) seeks protection

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