Terrane Metals

Goldcorp (NYSE:GG) Agrees to Terrane Metals (CDNX:TRX.V) Deal

Goldcorp (NYSE:GG) (TSE:G) said Thursday that it wouldn’t oppose the acquisition of all outstanding common and preferred shares of Terrane Metals Corp. (NYSE:TC) by Thompson Creek Metals (NYSE:TC). The stake held by Goldcorp in Terrane outstanding shares is 58 percent; owning 240 million preferred shares and 27.3 million common shares in the company. Once the deal is completed, Goldcorp will

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Goldcorp (NYSE:GG) and Terrane Metals (CDNX:TRX.V) Getting Married?

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Goldcorp and Terrane Metals: Dating or Getting Married?Terrane Metals (CDNX:TRX.V) recently enjoyed a nice infusion of capital, selling $70 million in stock to a group of dealers, and via Goldcorp. (TSE:G) adding another $30 million in a private stock placement.A $40 million credit facility backed by Goldcorp was also extended another year for Terrane.I bring it up to mention the possibility that

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Goldcorp (TSE:G) Acquires Warrants and Shares from Terrane Metals (TSE:TRX)

Goldcorp Buys Warrants and Shares from Terrane MetalsGoldcorp (TSE:G) has acquired $97.6 million in shares and warrants from Terrane Metals (TSE:TRX), helping them fund the Mt. Milligan mine in British Columbia. A group of underwriters also were part of the acquisition of shares and warrants.National Bank Financial Inc. led the group of underwriters who will acquire 63.6 million units, consisting

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