Do You Recognize This Marxist Country?

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Headline on Yahoo! Finance TechTicker: Joe Biden on Taxes: “You Call It ‘Redistribution of Wealth,’ I Call It ‘Just Being Fair.’” Okay, Mr. Vice President. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I see now that the executive office’s position on wealth is that it is not fair for some to have more wealth than others and the fair thing to do then is to redistribute what some people have to others even if it has to be done without their permission. Wow! Was my Kindergarten teacher Ms. Lund wrong. She taught us that that was called stealing. As you can probably imagine, I’m actually quite upset at her right now for not doing a better job of explaining this to us at age 5 since I see now that I have forgone countless opportunities since then to redistribute wealth my way. Better late than never though; my neighbor has a smoking hot 1969 Mustang convertible that has been restored to near mint condition. I on the other hand drive a 2006 Ford Escort. I don’t know how my neighbor obtained such a cherry ride but as you said: redistribution of wealth is just being fair so I’m going to redistribute his car to my garage tonight after he goes to bed. I’d do it during the day but I don’t know if he’s read your article today or not, so he might get upset if he…

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Do You Recognize This Marxist Country?

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