Market Wrap-Up for Jan.25 (KMB, VZ, HOG, AXP, JNJ, MMM, more)

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We are getting more data on housing today, and essentially nothing new has come to light. The latest numbers are finding single-family home prices fell for a fifth straight month in November. At some point, business television will lose the emphasis on the importance housing will play in the current economic recovery. Unfortunately for us, Dow 12K is starting to get on the radar for the pundits, as if it really matters. There is a bit of a new vibe when it comes to the American dream of owning a home. Increasingly, Americans are disregarding the home as an integral part of their nest egg, opting instead to rent. There’s still money to be made in buying and selling real estate, but for the average Joe, the roadblocks to owning real estate have gotten much bigger with much stricter lending standards. Many banks are actually reverting back to requiring 20-30% down payments to consider a buyer “serious.” I stick to the idea that if you are looking to reap money out of buying a property, focus on multi-family units where you can take residence and have the tenant help pay for a piece of your mortgage note. Just be ready to be a landlord — it’s not for everybody. Some of my relatives and friends have been very successful with this strategy, eventually moving on to buying larger multi-family properties. It makes sense to start small at first, though. There’s no sense in buying something too big unless you’ve tasted life as a landlord and can stomach it on a larger scale. This morning, we added two more dividend names to our “Best Dividend Stocks” List . Be sure to check out …

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Market Wrap-Up for Jan.25 (KMB, VZ, HOG, AXP, JNJ, MMM, more)

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