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The interesting excerpt from Trace Mayer’s book made me smile ruefully because his solution to the problem is better than mine. He wrote the book first, so references to Chapter Six make it clear that this isn’t all he knows about the subject. He has the luxury of not attempting to explain everything in the time it takes the bar on the right to hit the bottom. “Silvery” laughter, because my system IS to start with an idea or facts and write until the ball drops in my version of Times Square. At that point I start guiltily, try to come up with a zingy one-liner, and quit. I have been a “prepper” (a less loaded term than “survivalist,” which has picked up pejorative connotations of rednecks with missing teeth brandishing large firearms in open revolt against government) for three and a half years, now, and as Trace notes that can become a very resource-consuming operation if pursued to its logical conclusions. If there were a Preppers Anonymous, the meeting would start, “My name is Linda and I’m an addict. You think you can take tractors or leave them alone, then decide that just one more John Deere and another ton of rice won’t hurt, until mania has taken over your life.” I applaud his suggestions for preparing for suburbanites, with the proviso that they are against two very different events. (I suggest reading the rest of his book because I am certain he makes that clear.) Just in case you have never considered “prepping,” let me see if I can eke out a hit to bring home at least one of the runners on base. Three months’ food for family and pets is extremely sensible if what you are guarding yourself against is a comparatively short-term period when the “just in time” food distribution…

Follow the Trace

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