Why Theft Is Never OK, Even When the Government Does It

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Yesterday was the morning of my 35th anniversary on the planet. The well-wishing phone calls started early. I missed the first — from my younger sister, who is always the first to call on my birthday — and made a note to call her back later. I was awake enough to take the second call from my dad. “I realized this morning that if it’s been 35 years since you were born,” he said, “then I must be a little older than 35. I’m really just calling to remind you that you’re getting old too. I need the company.” Thirty-five is one of those milestone birthdays…the neat halfway point between the big three-oh and the bigger four-oh. In my case I got to look around and panic: I hadn’t gotten started on all those grown-up things you were supposed to start by 30 and have nearly completed by 40. Grown-ups are usually on their second or third spawn by this age. They have cars and mortgages. I’d only recently got as far as making my own meals. But at least I’d gotten exposed to enough good reading to understand that no one owed me anything, that I had to earn everything that I wanted. I feel more grown-up than most when it comes to lacking a sense of entitlement. Not only am I not entitled to goods and services; I also have to earn the goodwill of those whose help I’d count on in case disaster struck and I hadn’t prepared sufficiently. I had to be a good son and a good brother…a good friend and a good neighbor. Even if I had no loving relatives or concerned friends to rely on, however, I still wouldn’t demand the tax-born kindness of strangers. Any charity I would receive would have to be voluntarily given. And there should be enough shame involved to keep me from growing to rely on it forever. This is not a popular sentiment these days. Every effort is made by the intelligentsia and the media to convince people of the opposite… We are all children, they tell us. We need to be taken care of. And we are all owed something by someone else. That’s what governments are really for. They guide. They prohibit. They shuffle earned income to grasping hands. And they’re proud of it… Paul Krugman, cheerleader of the state writes: “One side of American politics considers the modern welfare state — a private-enterprise economy, but one in which society’s winners are taxed to pay for a social safety net — morally superior to the capitalism …

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Why Theft Is Never OK, Even When the Government Does It

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