What happens when SNB is stopped out?

We have brought up the Swiss National bankers and what they have been doing for last several months by buying Euros in their attempt to weaken the Swiss Franc but the market keep pushing the Franc higher and Euro lower. A while back SNB kneed down to the market in a statement by the central bank in which the bank stated they wouldn’t buy Euros anymore. Well, SNB banker did pause for a while and guess what? Swiss Franc actually weakened instead of gaining strength versus the Euro. Perhaps it was that very market move which forced the SNB bankers to get to the kill again. What amazes us is that Swiss take pride in banking and thus are known as the smartest of bankers, but what have they been doing since past year? Are they not worried about their jobs? For we have stated several times in the past we’d hate to be at the helms of SNB when it had such a large exposure of Euros. A year earlier the pair stood at 1.48 whereas today and as we write it stands at 1.249s. The interventions efforts which we can imagine would have been discussed and deliberated upon many many times in closed rooms shall prove to the stupidest decision the bank has ever taken. This reminds

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What happens when SNB is stopped out?

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