Gold, Global Fracking, and Frontier Markets

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It’s time to stop the whining on housing, jobs, and banks. If you don’t like the current state of affairs in Washington and the politicians’ cozy relationship with Wall Street — then vote the bums out. If you don’t like the way the fiscal picture has shaped up — then stop believing the banksters and find a better place to invest. One of the great wonders of capitalism is that when one person, group, or company is mired in foolishness and fraud, there is always some up-and-comer waiting in the wings to take them off their high horse. In other words, there’s always a bull market somewhere. Here are three profitable trends to invest in today. Advertisement How to Get Your FREE “Options for Dummies” Guide Think trading options was just for the most seasoned investors? Think again. Options guru Ian Cooper has put together a free report showing YOU how to easily profit from one of the most lucrative investment strategies out there. Click here now to access your free guide and start making money today. Three Bullish Trends: Gold, Global Fracking, and Frontier Markets Gold is about to break out… That, my friend, is called an ascending triangle. The fears of a prolonged recession, disgust with the Wall Street shills, and continued monetary easing have investors buying gold to protect their wealth. If we break above the level set in June, we are off to the races. The rule of thumb in breakout patterns is that they go up as far as they went sideways. That would put the price chart around $1,500 per ounce. Gold hit $1,254.73 yesterday— but the crucial turning point is the June 21st level of $1265.30 which was its all-time high. Bloomberg reported that gold holdings in 10 exchange-traded products advanced to a record yesterday. “In the second quarter, investors purchased 291.3 metric tons in exchange-traded funds, boosting demand by 36 percent.” That could be the energy needed to break through to a new high. If you look at the ten-year chart, you’ll notice that gold rises in a stair-step pattern; it consolidates, then launches. New highs are always bullish and breakouts are a buy. The magic number is $1,265. Global fracking According to the Energy Information Administration, there are 1,744 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas in the U.S.— enough to supply the country for 90 years at current rates of production. Fracking involves pumping water or sand into the ground, breaking up the rock, and recovering the natural gas. Right now the threat to ground water has some environmentalists up in arms, but it hasn’t stopped the growth in exploration and development around the world… The fact is that there is a lot of natural gas— and it’s a viable replacement for coal for use in electricity generation. It is cheap, plentiful, and the cleanest burning of all hydrocarbon-based fuels. Europe is particularly eager to gain new natural gas sources as they have been held captive to Russia’s supply …

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Gold, Global Fracking, and Frontier Markets

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