Dividend.com Daily Newsletter (AAPL, more) – Jan.17

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The markets are closed today, but I wanted to spend some time talking about investing in general and some great ways one can clear the path for a substantial nest egg. For anyone that has not signed up for our free daily newsletter, here is a look at what went out today. One of the things that hold many people back in life is the fear of failure. It affects decisions we make every day from our careers to how we invest. I always believe that if you put together a game plan where the risk/reward is in your favor, over time, you will start to put together many little wins that can soon add up to big wins. Making last-minute decisions and spur-of-the-moment calls can sometimes get you a bit of success, but in the long run, not the best way to approach your goals. Making things automatic is what most people are used to. Corporations love the monthly bank withdrawals for different bills and many push customers to accept that fast payment plan. Why is that? Simply that you don’t have to think twice about remembering to stay timely with your monthly expenses. I think investors should adopt that same mentality when it comes to investing. Set up a system with an online broker to do the same when it comes to your investing. Make a goal to start this each month and get this process underway if you haven’t done so already. Brokers are looking to accommodate anyone that is ready to put their investing dollars to work. Many of the brokers you contact will be super helpful when you call, and don’t be afraid to ask any question you have. No reason to be embarrassed about anything you need to inquire about. Find out what their dividend payout policy is if you want to reinvest your dividends or if you simply want the broker to mail you a monthly dividend check. I talk to people all the time who are in their later years and feel like they may have missed the boat on when they should have been investing. There is simply not time that is too late to start reaping rewards from quality dividend-paying stocks. Think positively and you will see that you should never spend any time thinking about one being too old or not having enough money for investing to making a dent. My goal for Dividend.com and my &#…

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Dividend.com Daily Newsletter (AAPL, more) – Jan.17

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