Market Wrap-Up for Feb.2 (BRCM, TWX, MAT, HSY, CHRW, WHR, more)

The market is coming off a big first day of the month, which continues a recent pattern of big jumps at the start of each new month. We are still looking at quite a few candidates as possible additions to our Best Dividend Stocks List , and there were a couple of names that are a bit more aggressive (low yield, more stock price growth) which reported numbers last night. Lubrizol ( LZ ) and Jones Lang-LaSalle ( JLL ) saw investors embrace their results early on, but did close off intraday highs. Elsewhere, Time Warner ( TWX ) reported good earnings and raised its dividend, to boot. Dividend increases were a big theme today, with Mattel ( MAT ), Broadcom ( BRCM ), and Hershey ( HSY ) also joining the dividend increase parade. On the downside, we were seeing sellers pushing the eject button on C.H. Robinson Worldwide ( CHRW ) and Whirlpool ( WHR ) following those earning results. Lastly, a negative note on FedEx ( FDX ) from a Wall Street analyst pulled those shares lower. In some parts of the market (namely the Tech/Online space), we are seeing company valuations getting a bit out of hand. The resulting fallout from earnings results can be quite painful when companies with super-high valuations report — even if they meet analyst expectations. If you are…

Market Wrap-Up for Feb.2 (BRCM, TWX, MAT, HSY, CHRW, WHR, more)

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