Market Wrap-Up for Jan.24 (MCD, RSH, HAL, CLF, JCP, more)

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Let me just start by saying it was a tough night trying to get to sleep after watching the Jets nearly make it all the way back from the hole they put themselves in against the Steelers yesterday. It was an exciting year, but once again the team falls short. One day, the Jets will win it all again (as will every team at some point). Good luck to the Steelers (sold this stock too early as I was a fan in my younger days – still enjoyed watching them win their first four Super Bowls – and Packers!) The Super Bowl should certainly be an outstanding match-up. In investing, you can always dig yourself out of a hole, as long as the hole doesn’t swallow up your entire portfolio. What I mean is you should never put all your eggs in one or two baskets. It’s easy to say “I should have just owned Stock XYZ” in hindsight. Unfortunately I have seen too many cases where investors pick the wrong “horse” or couple of “horses” to bet on — sometimes this practice is done in one’s 401k regarding their employer’s stock. How many millions were lost in stocks like Enron, Lucent, Nortel, etc, when these stocks tumbled and never bounced back? One thing is always for certain: companies’ fortunes change at one point or another, but if an investor doesn’t accept the fact it may be time to ring the register and sell, the inherent risk to one’s nest egg increases dramatically. Even if you take a decent-sized loss and don’t stick to my 25% off the 52-week high” checkpoint, you can easily recoup those losses by getting back to the investing basics and put your money to work in quality dividend-paying stocks over the next several years. It never makes sense to give up on the markets, despite the magnitude any correction has on your portfolio. I can’t stress enough that if you adopt a sell discipline for your portfolio, you will always have a portfolio that will be performing at or better than most money managers in the business today. Just before we take a look at today’s action, I just wanted to remind everyone to check out today’s new recommendations if you did not read the alert we sent out earlier. As we start another busy week of earnings, the markets got off to a solid start. Halliburton ( HAL ) and McDonald’s ( MCD ) closed with minors following both companies’ earnings reports. J.C. Penney ( JCP ) had a good day following some new board members coming on board, as speculation of a potential sale makes the rounds. On the flipside, Radioshack ( RSH ) shares got hurt on news the CEO will be stepping down in May. Commodity names are bouncing following the recent selling. Cliffs Natural Resources ( CLF ) and Rio Tinto ( RTP ) paced the gains. I wanted to go over some investing strategy one-liners that were highlighted on my friend and respected market-watcher Charles Kirk’s “Kirk Report”. Investing Strategy #1 – “Keep it…

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Market Wrap-Up for Jan.24 (MCD, RSH, HAL, CLF, JCP, more)

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