2011 Gold and Silver Predictions

Gold prices are off to an expected pullback for the year. But this short-term dip won’t last long… After forming a triple top pattern at the very end of 2010, the price of gold has fallen nearly 5% to about $1,350 an ounce. Take a look: We may continue to see a bit of downward pressure on gold prices in the near term; but as economic problems continue to drive investors into safe-haven hard assets, the price of gold will be headed higher later this year. That means if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make a little money in gold, the market may be carving out a nice little spot to make some bullion purchases at a decent price to prepare for the next leg up. There are many who estimate gold will top the $1,500 level this year. But I think we’ll see gold make a heart-stopping race to $1,700 an ounce by the end of the summer. Silver is also going to be a big winner for us in 2011. The demand for silver as an investment has increased dramatically over the past several years as the retail market has become more accepting of silver as money and a store of wealth. And as gold prices approach $2,000 an ounce, I believe silver will be preferred by many — if not most — retail customers as a cheaper alternative that provides the level of wealth protection investors might be looking for. With that in mind, I think the price of silver will break $50 an ounce this year. Both gold and silver will be highly profitable for investors this year. But the real money will be made from the junior companies that explore for new resources and develop new projects to mine for these precious metals… Shares of junior gold and silver exploration companies can often skyrocket overnight — especially when they make new discoveries. And making new discoveries is their specialty… You’d think that the most talented precious metal prospectors work for the major gold companies like Barrick Gold (NYSE: ABX) and Newmont Mining (NYSE: NEM), but that isn’t the case. You see, the most talented mine finders stand to make a lot more money if they go out on their own. A top geologist with a major that makes a big discovery might get a sizable bonus and bigger …

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2011 Gold and Silver Predictions

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