Afghanistan Mineral Discovery: A $1 Trillion Find

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There’s gold in that thar war! Geologists working with the Pentagon claim to have discovered $1 trillion worth of precious and base metal deposits in Afghanistan. U.S. and Afghan officials are hopeful that these mineral deposits will convert the war-torn country into a global mining giant, fundamentally altering the economy of Afghanistan and perhaps the war itself. But there are serious doubts over the logistics of actually mining the metals in the near term. And for investors, there are much better opportunities in safer, more stable regions of the world. Mining in Afghanistan Mineral discoveries in Afghanistan is nothing new. The country has a mining history that can be traced back for over 6,000 years. Historical mining in Afghanistan was principally focused on the production of gemstones, with some of the world’s oldest known mines established to produce lapis lazuli for the Egyptian Pharaohs. More recent exploration in the 1970s resulted in the discovery of significant resources of metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals. However, no commercial mining activity has recently occurred in Afghanistan, due to the current political and security situation within the country. But now the American geologists who have uncovered the mineral treasure are saying the recent mineral discovery could change the impoverished nation into a wealthy mining powerhouse— creating job opportunities, alleviating poverty, and uniting the people of Afghanistan. The new discoveries include large veins of: precious metals such as gold and silver …

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Afghanistan Mineral Discovery: A $1 Trillion Find

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