Apple: Stock of the Year

Things were a lot easier when I was kid. Back then, all you needed was a pair of Jack Purcells and mood ring to fit in. Today, it’s an expensive pair of Nikes and some sort of iThingy. At least, that’s the case in my house— where my kids had been pestering me all year for the latest electronic gadget sprung from the minds of the folks at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ). And this year, my kids hit the trifecta. Against my better judgment, all three of them got an iTouch… which drives me up the wall, since they would rather fiddle with them than do practically anything else… I’ll be honest; it gives me a great deal of delight to confiscate them all for even the smallest infraction. But I am comforted to know they won’t be eating alone at the “nerd table” in the cafeteria when they go to school. In this case, it was something of a tradeoff, as Apple products seemed to be everywhere I looked this Christmas: from iPods to iTune gift cards, my family was certainly doing its part to keep Apple at the top of the stock charts. In that regard, we were just one family among millions… Stock of the Year That’s why, when it came time to choose my Stock of the Year, Apple Inc. was at the top of the list. Edging out a…

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Apple: Stock of the Year

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