Ben Graham’s Winning Investment Advice

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You may not realize this, but it’s true: For every successful investor you meet, there is an even greater mentor lurking somewhere in the shadows. Let’s face it. No one was born to be great investor. Instead, investing is a craft that is learned somewhere outside of your genetic code. Unlike the ability to sing or run a 4.2 forty, someone has to show you the ropes. And when it comes to stock market investment advice, there’s no better place to start than with “the dean of Wall Street,” Benjamin Graham. Advertisement Gold’s “Louisiana Purchase” Not long ago, the world’s largest uranium giant practically gave away billions of dollars worth of gold to one small exploration company… for only $250,000! Before their next set of drill results are posted, find out how this rare opportunity could easily triple your money by September! Click Here For Your Free Report Now! A scholar and financial analyst who is widely recognized as the father of value investing, Graham literally wrote the book when it comes to fundamental analysis. In fact his book Security Analysis , written in 1934 with David Dodd, is practically revered as the bible by serious investors. Warren Buffet calls Graham’s Intelligent Investor “the best book about investing ever written.” As a 19-year-old in Lincoln, Nebraska, Buffett even goes so far as to say one of the luckiest days of his life is when he first picked up a copy of the book in 1949. “It not only changed my investment philosophy,” Buffett says, “it really changed my whole life.” “I’d be a different person in a different place if I hadn’t foreseen that book. It was Ben’s ideas that sent me down the right path.” Not too longer after, Buffett headed to grad school at Columbia University where Graham instilled in him the fundamental principles he used to build his great personal fortune. Benjamin Graham on Mr. Market It was there (undoubtedly) where Graham schooled a young Buffett in the ways of his favorite allegory — Mr. Market. You see according to Graham, Mr. Market is an irrational sort of fellow. Some days, he shows up at your door offering ridiculous bids for the stocks you own, while on other days he sells at prices that much too low. Smart investors like Graham profit from market folly rather than participate in it… Put another way, you should only buy when the price offered makes sense, and you should sell when…

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Ben Graham’s Winning Investment Advice

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