Debt Riots Break Out in Greece

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Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. In Greece, demonstrators staged a protest of their own. Thousands took to the streets yesterday, rallying against government cutbacks and corruption. The protests started out as peaceful affairs; by afternoon, things had gotten nasty. When the mob arrived at the Greek Parliament building, they spotted a well-known politician, Kostis Hatzidakis ( pictured right ). His fellow Athenians proceeded to stone the former MP. That’s right, they stoned him. The politician survived, but Greece and the EU may not. Not as we know them anyway. The riots were violent, as shown in this footage . Riot cops can be seen clashing with large groups of protesters. Gov’t troops launch volleys of tear gas at protesters, who are busy launching their own attack— a barrage of Molotov cocktails. In another display of populist anger, English protesters attacked a Rolls Royce carrying Prince Charles and his wife last week. Some in the crowd could be heard chanting “off with their heads”. The Royals escaped unharmed, save some damage to their Rolls Royce; rowdy protesters did manage to bust out a side window and ding up the exterior. There are lessons for the EU and United States in this mess. Bond holders versus the populace Social unrest like this isn’t supposed to happen in the Western world. Yet, here we are. Confusion remains about about how we got here. This is primarily a story about bonds, and who owns them…

Debt Riots Break Out in Greece

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