Gold and Silver Prices to Spike Next Week

Gold and silver prices have remained volatile in both directions since October. But indications from the COMEX show suggest we may see a spike in these precious metals prices next week… As prices moved higher over the past two weeks, strong bouts of profit taking have hit the gold and silver markets in each instance, stalling the next attempt to hit another new high. World Gold and Silver Demand World investment demand for gold has increased 250% in the past ten years. Investment demand for silver has skyrocketed 522% since 2007. Sales of official gold coins (like the American Gold Eagle) have increased 618% since 2007. World governments are hoarding silver; official sales have plummeted 83% in the past three years. Gold demand for ETFs has increased 20,470% since 2002. Above-ground silver supplies dropped 86% last year. Industrial demand for silver has increased over the past decade, despite a 236% increase in prices. On the downside action over the past two weeks, strong buying support has come in as precious metals prices looked like they were going to sell off— thus our current holding pattern in gold and silver prices. This will change to the upside within the next two weeks as major buying of physical metal will need to take place in order to meet contractual obligations on the COMEX before December 31, 2010. Contracts for gold and silver December futures that demand physical metal must be met by then. But there appears to be a significant shortfall in the actual physical metal required to meet these demands — especially in silver… If these contractual obligations are not met by the 12/31/10 deadline, then we could see a default scenario, which would drive the metals prices even higher and cause great instability for other markets as well. This potential default is due to the fact that JP Morgan Chase, the largest fractional stock holder of the Federal Reserve, has been wildly shorting silver and is now caught between a rock and a hard place. Word on the street is that JP Morgan Chase has opted to go massively long copper in an attempt to hedge their losses in silver, which could be enormous. This is…

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Gold and Silver Prices to Spike Next Week

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