Government Run Amok: Unintended Consequences

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Here is one that has been making the rounds in the blogosphere. It’s about the unintended consequences set in motion by a government run amok. Yet another example of the powerful vs the powerless…in other words never buy the spin. The truth is out there…. Related Articles: The Madness of Extending the Home Buyer Tax Credit The Cash-for-Clunkers Hangover How Uncle Sam Fiddles with the Figures Ron Paul Puts the Fed In the Crosshairs Quantitative Easing For Dummies To learn more about Wealth Daily click here Advertisement Learn to Make a 4,400% Gain in Just Five Years… “You have made me more money over the last 5 years than all the rest put together. I follow your every word including stop loss % and sell recommendations. I am 55 years old semi-retired. I started with $10,000 five years ago and because of you that number is over $450,000 after profit taxes give or take $10,000 depending on the week. So please continue to take care of us the same way you always have.” – Paul T. Isn’t it time you learned how to make similar gains? Click here for more… and our latest “free” trade.   Government Run Amok: Unintended Consequences originally appeared in Wealth Daily . Wealth Daily is a free daily newsletter featuring contrarian investment insights and commentary.

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Government Run Amok: Unintended Consequences

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