The 2011 Foreclosure Flood

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It’s hardly news these days, but the latest numbers on foreclosures speak for themselves. Again, it proves that the bottom in housing is nowhere in sight. Here’s the latest… From the AP by Janna Herron entitled: 2011 to top 2010 record of 1 million foreclosures The bleakest year in the foreclosure crisis has only just begun. Lenders are poised to take back more homes this year than any other since the U.S. housing meltdown began in 2006. About 5 million borrowers are at least two months behind on their mortgages and industry experts say more people will miss payments because of job losses and also loans that exceed the value of the homes they are living in. “2011 is going to be the peak,” said Rick Sharga, a senior vice president at foreclosure tracker RealtyTrac Inc. The firm predicts 1.2 million homes will be repossessed this year. The blistering pace of foreclosures this year will top 2010, when a record 1 million homes were lost, RealtyTrac said Thursday. One in every 45 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing last year, a record 2.9 million of them. That’s up 1.67 percent from 2009. Foreclosures are expected to remain elevated throughout the year, pushing home prices down another 5 percent nationally before finally bottoming out. More than half of the country’s foreclosure activity came out of five states in 2010: California, Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Michigan. Together, these states recorded almost 1.5 million households receiving a filing, despite year-over-year decreases in California, Florida and Arizona. The toxic stew grows… By the way, The Zillow Home Value Index has now fallen 26% since its peak in June 2006. That’s more than the 25.9% decline in the Depression-era years between 1928 and 1933. Related Articles: 2011 Housing Market Forecast Case-Shiller Index Screams Housing Double Dip Meredith Whitney Predicts a Housing Double-Dip Zandi: Expect 8% Home Price Declines To learn more about Wealth Daily click here Advertisement American OPEC We’re about to buck the peak oil trend. It’s all about shale oil these days, and if you play the right stock, you could easily see your investment double in a matter of weeks. I’ve found one little-known company that is able to double the amount of oil we get from shale reserves… Here’s how to get your share of these underground profits. The 2011 Foreclosure Flood originally appeared in Wealth Daily . Wealth Daily is a free daily newsletter featuring contrarian investment insights and commentary.

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The 2011 Foreclosure Flood

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