The Armageddon Hedge

The world is an orchestra. And it’s under the complete control of the international banking cartel. They’ve conspired the orchestration of a hostile consolidation of power and control for themselves at the expense of you, me, and everyone you know. They have total control over the world’s governments, media, religions, corporations, and organized crime — pulling the strings tied to every major organization and institution that yields considerable power. Every day in the financial news, we witness the small steps of a global banking crusade that has been designed to bring us to our knees economically, socially, and politically. Whether you want to believe it or not, the world banking syndicate has a plan. And their plan doesn’t involve our best interests. Fortunately, there is still a little time for the unprepared to secure their personal financial futures… ~~SIGNUP_WD~~ Gold is the only Armageddon hedge The absolute best way to store value is gold. Plain and simple. And investors worldwide are starting to wake up to this fact. Over the past several months, we’ve watched gold investment demand skyrocket in places like China, despite rapidly rising prices. These new investors have become aware that something is wrong. And they’re taking action. The global investment demand for gold is the most reliable barometer of what’s really going on behind the smoke-and-mirrors routine of banks and their minions. Global Gold Investment Demand World investment demand for gold has increased 250% in the past ten years. Sales of official gold coins (like the American Gold Eagle) have increased 618% since 2007. Gold demand for ETFs has increased 20,470% since 2002. And the recent spike in gold investment demand foreshadows the consequence phase of the world bankers’ devious scheme for control of power. Knowledgeable investors can see this, and are increasingly turning to gold as the only true wealth preserver. They will be the lucky ones. Those who still don’t get it and avoid or miss ownership of gold will be financially devastated due to devaluing currencies worldwide and economic distortions of all kinds. I wish them luck. Right now, the price of gold is taking a breather after three weeks of major gains. However, no market goes up in a straight line, and it’s expected to have these kinds of broad sell-offs. That means for those who are looking to buy the physical precious metals, these are the moments to take notice and make your purchases. Based on the patterns of the last eight months, this dip won’t …

The Armageddon Hedge

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