The End of the U.S. Dollar

Much of my investing decisions over the past ten years have been guided by watching the U.S. governments abuse the dollar into its current near-worthless state. This has brought me to one basic conclusion… Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are not trustworthy or credible individuals. They are power seekers, liars, hoodwinkers, and bamboozlers. They’ll do and say anything to get you to hand your power over to them— i.e. vote them into office. And until a majority of Americans come to this understanding, nothing can fundamentally change within the country. Unfortunately, it may be too late to save the U.S. dollar. The truth is the unsustainable economic course that has been pursued (and continues to be pursued) by the politicos in the United States may have financially doomed the country. The two-party system of republican and democratic criminals that has been put in charge of running the U.S. the past 40 years has failed you. Whether they did it on purpose or not, the system is dying on the vine. The problems that stem from four decades of out-of-control spending on the part of the Congress are cleverly being covered up. Their methods for keeping the public in the dark while promising unsuspecting voters lavish gifts from the public treasury are three-fold: Increasing deficits. Increasing monetary expansion of the fiat currency. Lying about and falsifying the real economic numbers. Because the voters don’t keep the politicians accountable, a false sense of prosperity reigns over the country as this fiat money pulses through the economy. Meanwhile, government officials are given accolades instead of being punished for their transgression. Hell, they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize! The problem, in a nutshell, was outlined with surprising clarity a few weeks ago by none other than Fed bankster Ben Bernanke himself as he addressed Congress… He spoke on the looming fiscal crisis of the Federal government; basically, there will be no easy way to avoid it. Congress has to decide what spending to cut. This means Congress must decide which special interest groups to alienate. Then they must decide which taxes to raise. Economic reality is standing on our doorstep Congress has been deferring this two-part decision ever since the Johnson Administration. One republican and democratic administration after another have played kick the can, opting in every case to push the problem into the future for others to deal with by simply creating more money out of thin air and pumping it into the system. Unfortunately, the time has come for the United States to pay for the consequences of this abuse. The national debt in the U.S. is now approaching $14 trillion— if you believe in trusting the government’s numbers. The unfunded debts of the U.S. are over $50 trillion. In reality, both of these numbers are grossly understated through government shenanigans, but you get the point. There’s no way either of these debts will ever be paid off. They’ll have to be…

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The End of the U.S. Dollar

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