The Next Uranium Bull Market

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Uranium prices have been trading in the $40-$45 per pound range for the past several months. But due to rising demand, slow mine development, and depleting stockpiles, many analysts have been forecasting price projections of $50-$55 per pound for next year. Some — including Haywood Securities analyst Geordie Mark — believe uranium prices will average $65/lb next year, and climb to $85/lb in 2012. For investors, this rebound in uranium prices means the opportunity to profit in the next uranium bull market. And in just one minute, I’m going give you the details on my top 3 uranium stocks right now. But before I do, it’s important to understand something about uranium resources… Advertisement How To Make Money From Every Car Produced Despite what you may read in the papers, the global auto industry is thriving… In fact auto production world-wide is increasing 6% this year. And after a four-year study, we uncovered how you could get paid from every single one made — no matter what happens to an automaker’s share price. Click here to find out how… Governments Scramble to Secure Uranium Resource According to the Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), worldwide uranium demand is rapidly increasing. This has prompted most major producing countries to recently increase activity and expenditures to identify and secure new economically-feasible uranium deposits and bring them into production. Here are a few headlines from just the past month: Iran searching for new domestic uranium deposits By Ali Akbar Dareini (AP) – August 25, 2010 TEHRAN – Iran said Wednesday it is making the search for new uranium deposits in the country a top priority now that it has started up its first in a planned network of nuclear power plants. Russia inks new uranium deal with South Africa By Denis Dyomkin (Reuters) – August 5, 2010 MOSCOW – Russia agreed on Friday to supply more low-enriched uranium to South Africa’s only nuclear power station, a contract that will give Russia’s uranium trader nearly half of Africa’s biggest market for enrichment services. The rush is on because future uranium supplies may not be able to meet demand. In such a case, uranium prices would be expected to react positively. Right now, there are 435 nuclear power plants around the world with a combined capacity of over 370 Gigawatts (GWe); the world’s nuclear electrical capacity is responsible for about 15%…

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The Next Uranium Bull Market

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