The Top 25 Financial Stories of 2010

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So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye 2010. I can’t say that I will miss you. In the meantime, let’s hope 2011 isn’t the year that all of the chickens come home to roost. Because no matter how many times you try to slap a happy face on it, the economy and the markets are as tenuous as ever. Even still, as crazy as 2010 turned out to be, the year did give us plenty to write about here at The Daily Ration. Go figure. That being said, here are my top 25 blog posts of the year. In no particular order these are the stories that for some reason–in my opinion at least— say the most about who we are and where we are headed. You see, the problems that we really face are all systemic leading me to believe that the status quo cannot possibly be maintained… They include: Stiglitz: “Moral Hazard Everywhere” : Too dangerous to ignore…. Blue States Bleed Red Ink : This is a shocker… The $1 Trillion Pension Gap : The bill has come due…. Taibbi: Goldman is Creating the Conditions for Another Crash : From the vampire squid… Elizabeth Warren Warns on Commercial Real Estate: The voice in the wilderness… NEWSFLASH: Social Security is Now Cash Flow Negative : Charles Ponzi lives…. Rickards: China is “The Greatest Bubble in History” : The pressure is building….. Must See TV: Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes : Inside the doomsday machine….. Baby Boomers Take a Back Seat in The Great Recession : Bummer dude…. China’s 2012 Crisis: Cracks in The Great Wall… Roubini on Greece: The Tip of the Iceberg : Reckoning ahead… The No Spin Zone: Bill Black Calls BS : People need to fry for this….. Epic Fail: Brooksley Born Demolishes Alan Greenspan : Blah, blah, says “the maestro”…. Meredith Whitney Predicts a Housing Double-Dip : Spot on analysis…. The $19.6 Trillion Debt Bomb : Someday the bill will come due… The World According to Bill Gross Part 3 : Flushing money down an economic toilet….. Intel CEO Bodyslams Big Government : Truer words were never spoken… The Debt Slaves Revolt : Maybe it will all just go away…. Notes From Recovery Summer : It’s different this time…… The Middle Class Recession : And they wonder why people are angry….. The “Real” State of Small Business : The Must See Video of 2010 The Student Loan Scam : This is shameful… Gross, Grantham Agree: QE 2 is Troublesome : The last gasp… Hoenig: QE2 May Lead to “future instability” : A voice from the wilderness… Zillow: Another $1.7 Trillion to the Downside in Housing : Sorry Charlie….. So Adieu, Adieu, Adieu, Adieu, to you 2010. All things considered, I suppose it could have been much worse. Two hundred blog posts later that is all there is for the year—unless,of course, something really wacky happens. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! See you in 2011….. To learn more about

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The Top 25 Financial Stories of 2010

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