The WSJ’s Most Controversial Article… Ever

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On January 9th, The Wall Street Journal ran an article that would become the most viewed, commented-on editorial in the publication’s history. The article was so controversial that the author — a Yale Law School professor — received several death threats. Thousands of enraged American readers went so far as to accuse her of advocating physical and emotional violence against children… Meet Amy Chua: a petite, 48-year-old Chinese American and the author of the WSJ firestorm piece, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”. Obviously, the headline caught my attention. My wife is Chinese and we have three children. But what really surprised me was the viciousness of the comments from readers. But as I perused through the comments of anger, hate, and even threats to Chua, I realized I as was actually reading comments of insecurity, fear, and envy. Think about it… Had this article been written by anybody other than a Chinese professor, it would’ve gone largely unnoticed. Bottom line: Americans fear the Chinese juggernaut. Here are just a few headlines from the past year that have caused panic among Americans and the West: Pentagon Surprised, Concerned as China Debuts High-Tech Weapons  — Politics Daily Chinese ‘Carrier-Killer’ Missile Could Reshape Sea Combat — Fox News Chinese ‘carrier-killer’ missile raises concerns of Pacific power shift  — Associated Press China Stealth Fighter? Photos Released Online Raise Speculations — Huffington Post China’s First Stealth Fighter Test Successful — CBS News China backs Spain to emerge from crisis: Beijing — Sydney Morning Herald Move Over Europe, China Is Pushing to Bailout the Greek Economy — Washington Post Wow: China to Bail Out Europe? — Daily Mail UK China’s Pres. Hu calls dollar’s preeminence ‘thing of the past’ — Wall Street Journal    President Hu provoking the US by suggesting yuan replace dollar as reserve currency — And now Americans are fearful of the Chinese mother, as reported by Time Magazine: “Tiger Mom: Amy Chua Parenting Memoir Raises American Fears.” I hear it every day… “China is going to overtake the U.S. economy… We need to catch up before they flood our markets with electric cars, wind turbines, and …

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The WSJ’s Most Controversial Article… Ever

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