What’s Really Wrong With America

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  Here’s a wonderful video I came across visiting Washington’s Blog this morning. It’s a great read if you haven’t discovered it already. As the video reminds us…. “The Funders” are not “The People”. You have to act to get it back.   There is a reason everything is so screwed up. The further you stray from our beginnings the worse everything becomes. Related Article: NEWSFLASH: The Meltdown Didn’t Have to Happen Bill Black: Fire Holder, Geithner and Bernanke The No Spin Zone: Bill Black Calls BS Epic Fail: Brooksley Born Demolishes Alan Greenspan Matt Taibbi: Goldman is “Re-creating the conditions for another crash” To learn more about Wealth Daily click here Advertisement 21st Century Medicine … Is exactly what you thought it would be. An AIDS vaccine has been tested. New organs are being grown. Limbs are being created from scratch. But humanity isn’t the sole motivator… Serious cash stands to be made by curing diseases. One small biotech firm — featured on 60 Minutes — is on the path to even wilder medical breakthroughs. To see what I mean and learn about this company, watch this brief presentation . What’s Really Wrong With America originally appeared in Wealth Daily . Wealth Daily is a free daily newsletter featuring contrarian investment insights and commentary.

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What’s Really Wrong With America

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