Things are Looking More Depressed For the Mighty Dollar

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Indeed, things are looking more depressed for the greenback. Now, what led me to say such pessimistic statement? Well, technically speaking, the US dollar index (USDX) which is a measure of the greenback’s valuation against a basket of other currencies like the arch nemesis, the euro, has just broken down from a massive cone head Related posts: A Look on the Mighty Dollar – June 15, 2010 Here’s a look on the daily time frame of the… EURO To Rise By A Whopping 1,250 Pips Against the US Dollar? Hiyo FX peeps! Did I get your attention? Yes. I… Are the Dollar and Euro to be Dance Partners in Lieu of Domestic Growth? Pick your movie metaphor, but it appears that the U.S…. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin .

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Things are Looking More Depressed For the Mighty Dollar

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