Dividend.com Weekend Edition – “Ground and Pound Your Way to Investing Success”

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Well it’s finally here and as I wait to watch two big NFL championship games this afternoon, I wanted to write a piece about what it means to be consistent and not slack off if you are going to build your own “championship” nest egg/portfolio or whatever the goals are you’d like to reach. When I was younger and still in school, I was fascinated by successful business people and what they did to build their fortunes. What fascinated me was how many were able to get to unimagined levels without college degrees or family fortunes. Many zeroed in on an area they were passionate about and worked to be the best at what their profession/industry was. They would not be denied! What many people fail to realize is that as an investor you can also achieve tremendous success without needing to worry about not being on the same level financially with Wall Street professionals. The idea of investing in quality dividend stocks is a simple one. You have the beauty of compound interest acting as the “wind at your back” propelling the value of your portfolio higher. There are several things you have to remember to keep doing, including funding your account every month so money can be ready …

The rest is here:
Dividend.com Weekend Edition – “Ground and Pound Your Way to Investing Success”

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