Five Gold Investment Alternatives

Gold prices are soaring. Last month, the price of gold breached a new all-time record high of over $1,387 an ounce. But with gold increasing almost 20% in three months, speculators concerned with a correction in prices may want to consider other hard asset commodities as an alternative investment. So with that in mind, today I bring you five hard asset alternatives to gold to consider. Five gold investment alternatives Gold is a commodity. As such, the yellow metal derives a large part of its value from the balance of supply and demand. The majority of the world’s supply of gold comes from mining (58%) and recycling (42%). Meanwhile, global gold demand is dominated by the jewelry and investment sectors. The applications, market, and dynamics of its supply-demand balance make the first investment alternative to gold obvious. Gold Investment Alternative #1: Silver and other precious metals Like gold, world supplies of silver and other precious metals — including platinum and palladium — are dominated by mine production and recycling. In the case of silver, 80% of global supplies are mined while 19% are recycled. Meanwhile, worldwide supplies of platinum and palladium are more dependent on recycling and stockpiles. Unlike gold, the demand for silver, platinum, and …

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Five Gold Investment Alternatives

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