Forex: Speculators trim Euro, Yen, Aussie long positions in Currency Futures

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By The latest Commitments of Traders (COT) report, released on Friday by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, showed that futures speculators slightly pared their bets in favor of the euro and the other major currencies against the US dollar. Non-commercial futures positions, those taken by hedge funds and large speculators,were overall net short the US dollar by $29 billion against the other major currencies, down from a total short position of $30.5 billion on October 5th, according to data published by Reuters . Currency speculators were net long the euro against the U.S. dollar by 41,511 contracts as of October 12th. This is a decline of nearly 7,000 contracts following net long positions of 48,243 contracts on October 5th and breaks a string of five straight weeks of improving positions for the euro. The COT report is published every Friday by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and shows futures positions as of the previous Tuesday. It can be a useful tool for traders to gauge investor sentiment and to look for potential changes in the direction of a currency or commodity. Each currency contract is a quote for that currency directly against the U.S. dollar, where as a net short amount of contracts means that more speculators are betting that currency to fall against the dollar and net long position expect that currency to rise versus the dollar. Open interest is the number of open contracts that have not been closed by a transaction or by delivery. The British pound sterling had been the last major currency on the short side against the dollar in the CME futures market but in early October the British currency positions …

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Forex: Speculators trim Euro, Yen, Aussie long positions in Currency Futures

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