George Soros’ $32.6 million Junior Platinum Stock Investment

Speculators who bought platinum just 24 months ago have already seen investment profits up to 124%. Similar metals, like palladium , have returned even bigger investment gains up to 286%. Driving these profits, phenomenal demand from the recovering global automobile industry has conquered the attention of investors. The potential for platinum and palladium has even allured some of the biggest names in investing— including George Soros, who just upped his stake in a junior platinum and palladium stock by nearly 1,000%. Here’s the whole story… Advertisement The Next Gold Mining Breakthrough This tiny gold company is about to rewrite the book on mining exploration… And they’re doing it just in time to catch the biggest gold bull market in a generation. Make over 10,800% as this Nevada mining company breaks all the rules… and all the records. Learn more here. George Soros just bought this junior platinum stock Billionaire investor George Soros abruptly raised his stake on Monday in Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (AMEX: PLG and TSX: PTM ) , a Vancouver-based junior mineral development firm. In a filing with the SEC, Soros Fund Management increased its holdings in Platinum Group Metals from 1.5 million shares in early October to a 15.5 million share position in the company this week — a whopping 933% increase. The Soros Fund now owns 9.73% interest in Platinum Group Metals. The fund’s position is currently worth $32.6 million. Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Company: Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Corporate Presentation Exchange: NYSE and TSX Symbol: PLG and PTM Share Price: $2.10 Shares Outstanding: 159.3 million Market Cap: $334 million Fully Diluted: 172.5 million Website: Platinum Group Metals controls a significant land position in the Bushveld Igneous Complex of South Africa, which hosts 80% of the world’s platinum and palladium production. The company is focused on moving its high-grade, near-surface Western Bushveld Joint Venture platinum/palladium deposit into production. The Western Bushveld Joint Venture is a unique project, and likely to be one of the last large-scale near-surface developments on the high-grade Bushveld Complex. In Platinum Group Metals’ Western Bushveld Complex, two projects contain nearly 15 million ounces of platinum group metal reserves and resources. These mineral resources are primarily platinum (64%) and palladium (26%), but also include rhodium (7%) and gold (3%). Advertisement Most Important 500 Square Miles on Earth Becomes Private Property It was a stretch of barren landscape just a couple hundred miles away from the North Pole… But locked within it sat a 50-year supply of the most important class of industrial metals known to man. Earlier this year— for the first time ever — a single company took hold of this land… And altered the course of the world’s high-tech market forever. Learn more here. A feasibility study has been completed for the Western Bushveld Joint Venture projects. The study showed it would cost approximately $443 million and take two years to construct a mine, and another …

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George Soros’ $32.6 million Junior Platinum Stock Investment

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