How to Profit as Your Food Bill Explodes

I hate to say I told you so. But with food companies no longer able to absorb the margin drops, and being forced to pass higher costs to the consumer… I told you so. General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg, for examples are already hiking prices… and it’ll get a lot worse, as we said in this Wealth Daily article: If you thought your $200 weekly grocery bill was bad, just wait. It’s about to jump 20% to 30% next month, as the Fed embraces another round of quantitative easing to combat global currency manipulation and devaluation. But that very move could do more harm than good. It’s likely to create another food price bubble, similar to what we saw in 2007-2008. Three years ago, wheat prices skyrocketed even as the consumption-to-stock ratio warranted falling prices… Bread was up to $1.32 at the time — a 32% rise in less than three years… The price of eggs rocketed 50%. Overall, food prices rose more than 5% and the average family’s grocery bill rang in $80 higher. And we’re going to see it happen again, as historically high corn prices drive the cost of beef to twenty-five-year highs… The sad fact is, this situation has no chance of improvement if the Fed floods the global economy with more dollars. What the move will do is further damage the U.S. economy Apparently, we’re not paying enough for food, energy, or clothing… It doesn’t matter that 20% of Americans are unemployed or under-employed. It doesn’t matter that, since the Fed last spoke, gold and other commodities have spiked… Crude oil has already soared some 27%. Wheat is up 84%. Sugar is up 55%. Soybeans are up some 24%. And corn just rocketed another 15% in two days — the biggest move in recent history, and a move that prompted some to warn of another food crisis. The meat industry just warned of a game-changer in pricing and profitability; the cost and contraction of corn supplies could mean higher prices for…

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How to Profit as Your Food Bill Explodes

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