Investing in Mexico’s Rising Silver Star

Last week we discussed why now, more than ever, you should own silver as an important precious metal investment. We talked about price ratios, diminishing global supply, government hoarding, and the recent trend of investors buying the precious metal up like there’s no tomorrow. But now, I want to get more specific. Because while it’s good to know that silver investment demand has gone up 522% since 2007— or that above-ground silver supplies dropped by 83% in the last 2 years — none of this information is going to make you any serious money in the next few days or weeks. However, a unique opportunity just crossed my desk that I think could turn out to be one of my biggest winners of the year. It’s a newly-formed junior silver company that could be sitting on one of the largest silver deposits in Mexico. Here’s the full story… Advertisement The $18 billion black hole Every year, inefficient light bulbs cost businesses and taxpayers $18 billion in energy bills. This has been the case for 130 years… But one micro cap tech company has finally found the solution. In the next few months, with the help of a secretive DoD contract, this $26 million operation… could come to dominate a market worth almost $9 billion/year. Find out the name of the company— and their innovative solution for the lighting…

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Investing in Mexico’s Rising Silver Star

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