Investors risk appetite returns

As long as indices tread water or move higher money should flow back into commodities and out of Treasuries and the US dollar. Crude followed thru today and now has the 20 day MA in its sights. As we said yesterday as long as equities move higher we think we could see Crude appreciate $3-5 relatively quickly. As of this post August is higher by $1.70. For the time being we would treat Crude as a range trade with resistance around $80 and support around $70. We advise position traders to remain long as long as August holds the $73.40 level. With an additional $3-4 move north in crude we should see the distillate move approximately 15 cents. August natural gas broke $4.50 today; futures traders should take off their longs at a loss. We continue to like buying clients October 50 cent call spreads but they may get clipped a little in premium in the coming sessions. That being said scale into the trade and do not try to outsmart the market. Sideways congestion in indices was expected after yesterday. We’re looking to be a seller from higher levels in the S&P. It is my opinion we will see upside surprises on earnings that will paint a false hope allowing our clients to get short closer to 1100 in the coming weeks. We worked out of some of our client’s longs in October sugar today and hope to see a higher trade tomorrow and to work out of the remainder. Inside day in cotton today; clients need a trade at/or around 73 cents in December to get filled on their gtc profit orders. OJ was lower by 5.43% today. Another 7-10% decline and we may have an interest in buying November calls for clients. Aggressive traders can continue to short Treasuries with stops above the recent highs. As we said yesterday we’re looking to lighten our clients exposure in currencies before stepping into September NOB spreads. Trail stops up on your live cattle longs

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Investors risk appetite returns

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