Junior Gold Stocks to Shine in 2011

Last Friday, I urged Wealth Daily subscribers like yourself to buy gold and silver ahead of major buying that needed to take place this week to satisfy contractual COMEX obligations before the end of the trading day today… Gold and silver prices have remained volatile in both directions since October. But indications from the COMEX show suggest we may see a spike in these precious metals prices next week… Contracts for gold and silver December futures that demand physical metal must be met by then. But there appears to be a significant shortfall in the actual physical metal required to meet these demands — especially in silver. If these contractual obligations are not met by the 12/31/10 deadline, then we could see a default scenario, which would drive the metals prices even higher and cause great instability for other markets as well. This is exactly what happened. Advertisement This Play Just Keeps Making Money – 155%… 323%… 900%… ???% A few months ago, I released a special video on a tiny Mongolian oil company. I predicted this little-known company would go absolutely ballistic once drilling results came in. And boy was I right. Early investors had a shot at 900% gains. And the way I see it, we’ll see a repeat very soon. So check out this video on the matter and make sure you’re one of the early birds this time around.    Significant buying of physical gold and silver to meet COMEX futures drove bullion prices much higher this week. Take a look: While the physical bullion market is rising, junior mining shares are starting to get some attention once again. Junior mining stocks are even more speculative — but their risk/reward tradeoff amplifies potential gains even further. And when junior gold stocks are in favor, they can quickly return legendary gains. There’s just one little problem… There are over 1,000 junior mining companies listed on the TSX Venture exchange alone. And it’s very difficult to sort through all the promotions and scams to find solid junior gold stocks. Going through all those companies was a very time-consuming and nerve-racking ordeal… So, if you don’t …

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Junior Gold Stocks to Shine in 2011

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